Are you up for the SSS Winch Challenge?

ROUND 1 - MARCH 2023

Congratulations to the winners:
1st Place: No Kids Racing - Mick Short & Matt Dicks
2nd Place: Rusty Nuts Racing - Josh Kummerfeld & Jack Butler
3rd Place: Redline Racing - Scott Pyne & Rohin Chamberlain
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Welcome racing enthusiasts

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SSS Winch Challenge is an off-road 4 wheel drive event that tests each team’s recovery skills and teamwork through various obstacles whilst under the pressure of time.

All of this is done on a track designed to test teams and vehicles while showcasing their skills and ingenuity to spectators and fellow competitors.

The event runs over 10 special stages with each stage offering a variety of different environments from speed to extreme terrain.

Penalties are given if safety procedures are not followed and also for various other infringements.

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If you are a four wheel drive enthusiast who is interested in off-road motorsport our action packed, never know what to expect events may just be for you!

We welcome everyone from all ages from young and old and in fact our children and grandchildren often come along to the events!

There is always something for everyone so if you are interested in making new friends with like minded people and camping – come along!

Come and join our Winch Challenge Family!

Come out and have a chat with Peter (Stirlo), officials and the competitors!

Everyone is always happy to have a chat and share information, knowledge and experience etc!

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