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Get ready for the SSS Challenge – racing through rugged terrain, rock crawling, mud punching and insane speeds…..all just part of the fun!

SSS winch challenge - round 1 2022 - *NEW LOCATION*

Mud punching, waterfalls & some long winch hills!

This round had it all and at an awesome new location “The Springs 4X4 Park”.

We also catch up with some of the teams for some hard hitting questions!

SSS Winch Challenge round 3 2021

SSS winch challenge round 2 2021

SSS winch challenge round 1 2021

SSS winch challenge round 2 2020

SSS winch challenge round 1 2020

Need some winch truck action to keep you entertained during isolation?! Well grab a cold one, sit back and relax!

We are bringing the action to you!

SSS Winch Challenge round 1 2020 at Landcruiser Mountain Park.

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